:: Reception of Foreigners
Welcome to iPOLI's Reception page. This is our division that, with CRInt`s (International Relationship Committee ) help, receives the foreigners that come to the Escola Politécnica to start working, to make academic credits or double degree programs. We try to integrate the community, freshmen, students, seniors, foreigners and iPOLI's integrants through many integration activities , parties, presentations, events, city tours among others.

Reception and Help During the Foreigner Adaptation
iPOLI enters in contact with the foreigner student before his arrival in Brazil, welcomes him at the airport, helps him to find an accommodation and accompanies him to the Federal Police Office. (click here for more details)

We also have a forum in our site. It's an auxiliary tool for all students. There, you can solve doubts, share information and curiosities related to international experience, exchange programs, double degree program, trips abroad, studentships, jobs and more. We already have the participation of many exchange students and foreigners! Visit our forum at www.ipoli.com.br/forum and take part of it!

Foreigner's Guide
Portuguese Version       English Version       French Version (appui Consulat Général de France à São Paulo)
The Foreigner`s Guide is a small book developed by iPOLI Team to help the arrival of the foreigner in Brazil. There, you can find information about paperwork, transport, the university, museums and other tips about the daily life of Brazilian student -- all to help on your adaptation. Send your criticism or suggestion to guia@ipoli.com.br !

Integration Activities
In order to receive and help the foreigners during his adaptation, iPOLI also promotes many integration activities through the year, like barbecue parties, sightseeing , dance clubs, pubs, dinners, soccer games (every Friday), made to integrate foreigners and Brazilian students, making contacts and friendship stronger, speaking other languages, knowing other cultures and, why not, having fun.

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