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The creation of a specific space for ALCUE's Science & Technology Cooperation is a consequence of the political will in Latin America/Caribbean and the European Union. This common space will need increasing coherence and synergy among existing and new instruments and it should be put into effect through national and regional initiatives. Under the umbrella of ALCUE, The Magalh„es network is a bilateral initiative in the fields of Higher education and scientific mobility initiatives.

The seminal idea of J. William Fulbright to exchange university students between different countries in order to promote international understanding and so achieve global peace and prosperity has been tremendously successful, and has inspired other similar programs. Based on the successful experience of the EU Erasmus-Socrates program and at the same time following recommendations from the ALCUE initiative between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean, a number of leading European and LA&C universities in the fields of engineering and architecture have started this cooperation network.

The official language of the network is English and its name is Magalh„es, in the original Portuguese spelling, as a recognition to Ferdinand Magellan, the first person who circumnavigated the earth, and with appreciation to the diacritical mark typical of the Spanish and Portuguese language.

Quick Facts

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Aim: To increase the academic exchange and collaboration between Europe and Latin American and the Carribean.

Formed: 2005

Added value: The Magalh„es Network offers members universities, their students and staff:
- Effective tools for student exchange
- Systematic exchange of best practises for internationalization
- A platform to build relations that can be used to develop joint projects between member universities.

Member profiles: Universities and faculties/schools of technology, engineering and architecture. Some are public, some are private.

European members: 19
Latin American and Carribean members: 16

European countries: 11
Latin American and Carribean countries: 9

Working language: English.

Decision making body: General Assembly held annually.

Executive body: Follow up committee formed by six member universities, three from each continent.

Presidency: The Magalh„es Network has a President and a vice President, representing the two continents. The Presidency is elected for two years and may be re-elected for a second term. The secretariat of the network follows the President.

The presidency has been held by:
- Politecnico di Madrid, Spain (2005-2010)
- Universidad do Saű Paulo, Brazil (2010-2014)
- Lund University, Sweden (2014-)


The statutes of the Magalh„es Network are decided by the General Assembly of the network which is held annually in September in Europe or in November in Latin America and the Carribean. At the GA, each member university holds one vote.

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Magalh„es Network

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